Soubois presents La Clef d’Or, your key to a New Year’s wonderland unlike any other. Enter a winter paradise as something magical takes over the understory. Possibility and magic swirl through the forest, heating up even the coldest of nights.

Dinner Service

3 Courses by Chef Guillaume Daly
1 Complementary glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Seating at 19h30, tables reserved until 22h30
Includes party entrance 125$/person (Taxes & Tip Included)

General Admission

Valid from 22h30
Bottle service & packages available

21 +

For Dinner reservations, please purchase a ticket using the tickets link.

If you purchase from multiple cards please email with all the names you want at the same table.

For bottle service reservations, please use the "Table Reservations" link and someone will contact you shortly.